C3 Environmental Specialties – Erosion Control and Environmental Contractors

After construction concludes, land re-vegetation becomes crucial. C-3 Environmental offers expertise in re-establishing vegetation and rebuilding soil on disturbed land. We employ methods such as planting, sodding, and hydromulching to repair damage caused by construction, wildfires, floods, and more. Our team understands the complexities involved, including factors like temperature, soil fertility, and proper seed selection, ensuring successful revegetation projects. Trust us to bring your land back to life after disturbances, while mitigating any unforeseen challenges. Please see the list below of our available services:

  • Drill Seeding – this is designed for planting grass seeds. It will measure the distance and plant two seeds in each required spot on each pass.
  • Hydromulch Seeding – our specialized technique involves spraying a mulch mixture of water, seed, fiber, tackifiers, and fertilizers onto the desired area. This ensures uniform growth, prevents spotty turf from runoff and wildfire interference, and promotes effective vegetation establishment.
  • Broadcast Seeding – the efficient method of grass seeding, although coverage and multiple seeding can pose challenges. Our expertise ensures optimal coverage and addresses any concerns for successful broadcast seeding projects.
  • Grass Turf Sodding – This is the fastest way to establish turf.