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Land Re-Vegetation & Seeding

Whenever construction is concluded on a site, land re-vegetation often becomes the immediate next step. This is not as easy as it sounds, and that is why C-3 Environmental Specialties is ready to help with your land re-vegetation and seeding project.

Re-vegetation is the process of replanting and rebuilding the soil of disturbed land. This may be a natural process produced by planting, sodding or hydromulching to repair damage to a landscape due to construction, wildfire, mining, flood, or other causes. Originally the process was simply one of applying seed and fertilizer to disturbed lands, usually grasses or flowers. It takes more than planting seed. Factors beyond project control affect re-vegetation: temperature, soil fertility, hydration, planting the wrong seeds at the wrong time in the wrong place and many other factors can cause your re-vegetation to go off track.

We Offer:

Drill Seeding — This is designed for planting grass seeds. It will measure the distance and plant two seeds in each required spot on each pass.

Hydromulch Seeding — This plants using a mulch created of water, seed, fiber, tackifiers and fertilizers that is sprayed onto the desired area. This prevents spotty turf caused by runoff and wildlife.

Broadcast Seeding — This may the most efficient way of grass seeding, but coverage and multiple seeding are sometimes a problem.

Grass Turf Sodding — This is the fastest way to establish turf