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Channel & Retaining Wall Construction

Channels and retaining walls are a couple of the more complex construction jobs we take on at C-3 Environmental. Retaining walls are structures that hold back soil and rock from a defined area. These walls prevent down slope movement and erosion and provide support throughout grade changes. Earthen Retaining walls have gained ground in the industry lately and are more economical, easier to install and much more environmentally sound. Some of the techniques we use in channel and wall construction are:

  • Permanent Turf Reinforcement Lining (HPTRM – TRM)
  • Cellular Concrete Block Lining
  • Bonded Fiber Matrix Hydromulch (BFM)
  • RSS Walls
  • Gabion Walls
  • Cellular Confinement Walls


C-3 Environmental Specialties works with companies to provide the ability to increase the capacity of drainage channels. One of the major steps is slope reinforcement that involves lining and re-vegetating drainage channels in order to prevent typical erosion. Many areas in south and east Texas flood badly due to the close proximity of the coast, creating runoff that carries prosperous topsoil off in its wake. Widened channels equipped with silt fences prevent this and widening naturally with C-3 is more eco-friendly and cost effective than with mud or concrete.